How To Make Broccoli Juice Taste Good

How To Make Broccoli Juice
 How To Make Broccoli Juice  - Broccoli is a green vegetables every one not like broccoli maybe because taste not good and there are people likes to choose broccoli to be Juice. Yeah,broccoli juice very good because better to health. Devil Blog will give interest information about How To Make Broccoli Juice Taste Good

before you make broccoli Juice you must prepare ingredients to make broccoli juice.

  • 100 gram broccoli
  • 200 gram Japanese cucumber (zucchini)
  • 200 gram melon
  •  lemon juice
  • shaved ice
  • 100 gram sugar
  • 100 ml hot water

How To Make Broccoli Juice
  1. First you must dissolv sugar and hot water.
  2. next,blender all ingredients likes broccoli,cucumber,melon,lemon juice and etc. 
  3. After blender all ingredients. Broccoli Juice ready to drink.

So,what do you think difficult to make Broccoli juice?  I think not difficult because you can read step by step is I explain in up article. Thanks for read my article. If you like with this article,please share with press button Facebook,Twitter,G+. Thanks you have visited my blog.

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